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Anonymous Data 1.11

Free Anonymous Data is a tool for database population and management
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Urban Software
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Anonymous Data was first released in October 2010. Urban Software got the idea from 2 separate database problems which have not seemed to be easily resolvable through a single piece of software.
The first problem is anonymizing data. i.e. converting some of the data values in a database so they are anonymous. In other words, you may have a live database used by your company and you wish to hand over that database to a third-party company or someone who you don't trust. Obviously, if your database contains credit card numbers, customer details, passwords etc, that would not be a good move. With much hype in the news lately about Government in particular losing important data, it is important to keep data as safe as possible. By anonymizing the data beforehand, although this is not a solution, it may be able to help.

The second problem is populating a blank database. Supposing you have just created a new database for your business. The next step is to integrate it with an application or website. Unfortunately, a blank database is no good for testing. You could enter in some fake values temporarily although it is quite time consuming and is inappropriate if you want to test large sets of data with thousands of rows in it. Anonymous Data can help here by inserting new anonymize values into your tables.

Both these problems cannot be easily resolved using SQL knowledge. There are many limitations such as randomizing data and fetching values of different data types from sources.
Anonymous Data can help!

If you're a database developer, Anonymous Data can really help you. If you have a brand new database you have just designed and created, Anonymous Data can help you to automatically insert anonymous data for you. There are more than 30 different data types to choose from plus customizable ones.

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